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General Information
for Authors placing publications in Archives of Mechanical Technology and Materials

  1. A paper submitted to Editorial Committee, in English, should be prepared in electronic form in Microsoft Word software and it should include:

  • the first and the last name of author(s),
  • paper title,
  • summary (abstract) (8-12 lines) and keywords (no more than 5),
  • paper text together with Tables and Figures (or Photos), legends in English,
  • name of the institution (university name and institute, chair or other company) with author(s) and author's e-mail as the bottom footnote at the first page
  • at the end of the text the list of references on alphabetic order and with reference titles,papers and page numbers (according to PN-ISO 690), with possible transliteration of Russian to Latin alphabet according to PrPN-ISO 9,
  • Polish translation of the paper title, summary and keywords for papers submitted in English.
  1. The paper with all illustrations should not exceed 10 pages with 126 × 190 mm print area.
    The colour photos placed in text will be also printed in colour

  2. The Editing Committee will qualify papers to be printed basing on the written review prepared by professor or dr hab. who is competent in the proper field of science.

  3. The Authors of the published papers do not get any royalties as the author's fee.

  4. The valid terminology as well as the denotations and measuring units must be applied.

  5. The Editorial Committee and the Poznan University of Technology Editing House reserve the right to introduce following corrections into the submitted text: essential, terminological, stylistic, grammatical, without deformation of the author's thoughts.

  6. E-mail of Editorial Committee is