Strona History


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management is the oldest faculty of Poznan University of Technology. It paved the way for the beginnings of higher technical education in Wielkopolska region. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management was founded in 1919, known then as Faculty of Mechanics, and it was the first faculty of The Higher State School of Mechanical Engineering. According to market expectations and due to structure changes, the Faculty changed its name several times. However, in 1998 it finally adopted the name that is used to this day: the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management.

In the fields of mechanical engineering, management and production engineering, mechatronics, materials engineering and biomedical engineering one can study broadly defined mechanical engineering – construction, technology, automation, diagnostic and computerisation, but also study management and production engineering where individuals may learn about production systems and quality management. These areas are complemented by materials engineering, including nanomaterials. Recent fields of study meet the needs of the labour market –knowledge obtained by mechatronic engineers combines several areas of knowledge and skills. Biomedical engineering educates engineers – specialists in the construction and operation of medical equipment and prosthetics.

The Faculty has the right to confer PhD degree and DSc in the following fields: machine construction and operation, materials engineering and mechanics.

Currently, the Faculty consists of 4 institutes with 13 divisions and 1 chair.


Rataje and Piotrowo campus – the beginning of the 1960s The Faculty building at present